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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Cash Back

  • Sunday, December 20, 2015
  • Bhargav

  • Cash Back offer at Roy Driving School for this Christmas, Pongal and New Year 2016

    Exclusive Deal ends on Jan 30th 2016

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    Cash Back

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015


    Audi's new Project 6 Doors 8 Seats

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2015
  • Bhargav

  • Audi's new Project 6 Doors 8 Seats

    Audi's new Project 6 Doors 8 Seats
    Photos of a puzzling Audi A3 Cabriolet with six entryways and no less than eight seats have surfaced on the web. We'd be a considerable measure less amazed if this topless limo was the work of a free body shop, however media outlets crosswise over Europe claim it was outlined and constructed in-house by Audi.

    Audi's 6 Doors 8 SeatsThe six-entryway A3 began life as a last-era A3 Cabriolet, a model that was sent to the cleaving piece in 2013. It's everything except indistinguishable to its consistent generation partner in advance, yet it is fitted with four additional frameless entryways and two calfskin upholstered seat seats sourced straightforwardly from the A3 parts container. It doesn't resemble the extended Cabriolet is fitted with a top.

    There's no notice of what the convertible is controlled by. Essentially, whether it's front-wheel drive or whether it gloats what's liable to be the longest driveshaft ever fitted to a quattro-prepared car is not yet decided.

    Audi car 6 Doors 8 SeatsAnother unavoidable issue imprint encompassing Audi's larger measured convertible is the reason it was fabricated. It would seem that a parade car, and it even flies the banner of the Free State of Bavaria, the German area where Audi's main residence of Ingolstadt is found. In any case, it undoubtedly wasn't charged by the legislature as of late in light of the fact that it's in view of a model that is no less than two years of age, and we envision photos of this convertible would have turned into a web sensation in a split second in the event that it had showed up in an official parade in the previous couple of months.

    Saturday, June 6, 2015


    2015 Ford Focus

  • Saturday, June 6, 2015
  • Bhargav

  • 2015 Ford FocusThe car that dispatched an item upset at Ford is currently mature enough to warrant its own particular insurgency of sorts. The 2015 Ford Focus, appearing in front of the 2014 Geneva car expo, denote the minimized car's first huge upgrade subsequent to the 2012 model commenced the One Ford procedure. That arrangement made regular the nameplates, architectures, powertrains, and styling of Ford vehicles sold far and wide and this revived Focus shuts the distinction that opened when the Fusion moderate size car and the Fiesta subcompact received the brand's most recent configuration dialect. Look past the hexagonal grille to the unaltered body sides, however, and you'll understand that this 2015 model is to a greater extent a revive than a genuine transformation. While there is another,
    discretionary motor and the inside gets an update, the 2015 Focus is a moderate redesign, as opposed to an all-new car.
    The huge news here is Ford's little EcoBoost motor. The Focus' discretionary powertrain is the same 1.0-liter turbocharged three-chamber that made its U.S. presentation in the 2014 Fiesta. We've effectively determined the motor in an European-spec Focus and the U.S.-spec Fiesta to realize that its astoundingly smooth and adequately enthusiastic around town. As in the Fiesta, the 1.0-liter might be offered with a manual transmission, however the Focus gets an extra gear-tooth for an aggregate of six forward riggings. Our one grievance with the 1.0-liter Fiesta is that getting the car moving from a stop at a sensible pace obliges slipping the grip to keep the motor from stalling beneath its 2500-rpm torque top. Purchasers may find that the three-chamber motor, with only 123 drive and 125 lb-ft of torque, is overmatched in the 300-pound-heavier Focus.
    As it does with all EcoBoost motors, Ford will charge a premium for the littler motor under the suspicion that customers are willing to pay for incremental changes in efficiency. While evaluating and EPA appraisals are still to be resolved, a 1.0-liter Fiesta orders $995 for a 4-mpg help to a 45-mpg EPA roadway rating.
    The base motor is unaltered for 2015. The 2.0-liter four-barrel as of now makes 160 pull and 146 lb-ft of torque and we don't expect any noteworthy changes in those figures. That is fine by us, in light of the fact that the motor makes a fine showing straddling the slight line where sensible execution and amazing efficiency meet. We are frustrated, however, that Ford hasn't tended to the Focus' traded off transmissions. The five-rate manual is feeling the loss of a rigging and the six-velocity double grip programmed experiences moderate, slurred movements. At the point when inquired as to whether Ford had any close term anticipates another gearbox, VP of item improvement Raj Nair basically advised us that Ford is at present adding to a nine-pace programmed with GM.
    Nair additionally says his specialists have changed the suspension and electric force directing, in spite of the way that the Focus is as of now among the best-driving cars in the portion. Changes incorporate calmer stun valves, less-meddling strength control, and unspecified adjustments to the back suspension in light of a legitimate concern for "a more associated feel to the street."
    Notwithstanding changed front and back belts, the Focus brandishes another hood, front bumpers, and tailgate. The headlamps are more precise and the taillamps are squatter, yet the expansion of chrome to the front end recommends a more adult Focus, not a sportier one. While it doesn't take much creative energy to imagine the same changes connected to a four-entryway, Ford will pull the spread off the vehicle and we'll immediately put on a show to be astounded at the 2014 New York automobile fair in April.
    The amendments inside are comparatively limited, yet they could be the greatest change over the active car. While we haven't really invested any energy in the car, the middle stack looks significantly more useful and instinctive. Moray Callum, VP of outline, depicts the new lodge as "less excited" because of sound and atmosphere controls with a more customary look and design. There's likewise another controlling wheel and a little cubby in front of the shifter for mobile phones with a USB port that we're told will charge gadgets two times quicker than the old one. A reinforcement camera will come as standard gear, transferred through either a 4.6-inch show or the eight-inch touch screen that accompanies the MyFord Touch infotainment framework. Path keeping help and blind side observing will be discretionary.
    The more sensible inside addresses one of our key protests about the present Focus, yet the carryover transmissions as of now felt deficient when the third-era Focus arrived four years back. While its unrealistic to reset the smaller class pecking request, the revived 2015 Focus, set to go discounted recently, ought to help Ford stem deals misfortunes as it faces more up to date contenders like the Mazda 3.


    2016 Ford Focus

  • Bhargav

  • 2016 Ford FocusIt's generally pleasant to be legitimized. We're going to attempt to play down the triumphalism and do whatever it takes not to say, "We let you know so." But rather we're exceptionally glad to report that, concerning the "What number of Driven Wheels Will the New Ford Focus RS Have?" question, we hit the nail on the head. Since the answer is: four. Some all around regarded outlets were affirming that the third-era Focus RS would, similar to its antecedents, be front-wheel drive. Yet, at the official revealing in Germany, we discovered that the RS will have the capacity to meet adversaries, for example, the Subaru WRX STI and the Volkswagen Golf R on equivalent terms.
    The RS utilizes an uprated variant of the new Mustang's turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-barrel motor, mounted transversely and conveying "great in abundance" of 315 drive. We'll need to sit tight for the official execution figures, yet there's undoubtedly the RS is definitely not a rocket ship, its all-wheel-drive framework likely fit for helping it convey a zero-to-60-mph time of well under five seconds. Furthermore, some better than average news: It will come standard—and just with a six-velocity manual gearbox.
    The 2.3-liter motor has been generously adjusted from the form that powers the Mustang, with an extraordinary failure latency twin-scroll turbocharger and a greater intercooler, alongside a modified barrel head and more grounded cast-iron chamber liners. Passage guarantees a "free-revving top end"—that doesn't sound like the Mustang EcoBoost to us—with a greatest rev breaking point of 6800 rpm. Taken together, that makes them think that the completed car could create more than 325 strength perhaps a lot more. (For reference, the last Focus RS was sold in Europe with a discretionary manufacturing plant bolstered Mountune overhaul that pushed energy to 345 horses.) The other noteworthy number we don't have yet is the RS's weight. The extra majority of the four-wheel-drive framework implies the RS is sure to tip the scales at more than the 3234 pounds of our long haul Focus ST.
    Concerning that all-wheel-drive framework, it incorporates a torque-vectoring capacity, with twin electronically controlled grasp packs on either side of the back commute unit. Notwithstanding overseeing front-to-back torque conveyance up to 70 percent of the yield can be sent to the back pivot the grip packs can occupy power from side to side over the back hub. Under cornering, the majority of the torque is sent to the external back wheel to help turn-in and diminish understeer, with Ford additionally encouraging and this is in the official discharge "the capacity to accomplish controlled oversteer floats at the track." That clarifies a portion of the great edges oversaw by Ken Block (credited as a RS venture expert) in that teaser feature.
    When its not floating, the RS's cunning case is said to have the capacity to create more than 1.0 g of parallel increasing speed. The springs, bushings, and against move bars are all stiffer than those in the Focus ST, with the RS likewise getting two-stage switchable dampers and a retuned electric force controlling framework. Michelin has created particular tires for the car, and you'll have your decision of Pilot Super Sport elastic or track-centered Pilot Sport Cups.
    Passage asserts that the striking outside styling conveys downforce and additionally visual animosity, with a stout back spoiler coordinated into the liftgate, a sizable diffuser, in addition to cooling conduits for the motor and brakes. Nineteen-inch wheels will be standard, alongside bixenon headlamps. Inside the lodge are intensely supported Recaro games situates, an extra bank of gages, and loads of "blue RS" trim. Unpretentious it ain't, however that is not really the point.
    The initial two eras of the Focus RS were sold for the most part in Europe and never made it to the U.S., however the new car is a really worldwide offering and will be going to the States. Built by the recently dispatched Ford Performance division that is likewise doing the Ford GT, the RS will be constructed at the organization's Saarlouis plant in Germany, where creation is situated to begin before the year's over. The primary RS will reach U.S. shores at some point one year from now; Ford is in effect exceptionally hesitant about particular timing, not to mention valuing. In the interim, we ought to be getting considerably more insights about Ford's most blazing trapdoor at the Geneva car expo.

    Saturday, March 28, 2015


    One Can't Drive Drunk

  • Saturday, March 28, 2015
  • Bhargav

  • Technology that won't let you Drive if you are Drunk.

    Technology that won't let you Drive if you are Drunk.Authorities are wearing down an in-made blood alcohol level analyzer that can hold people under its effect from driving. The gathering at the University of Michigan considered the impact of presenting these alcohol ignition interlock devices in all as of late purchased vehicles more than a 15-year period. Their assessments of harm repugnance and cost store trusts are immense. They found that around 85 percent of the mischances realizing passings could be stayed far from. 

    "That would mean turning away more than 59,000 passings in just us over 15 years," the gathering reported in a paper appropriated in the American Journal of Public Health. 

    An other 1.25 million non-destructive wounds would moreover be balanced. The cost of presenting the devices would be recuperated after just three years. "Our examination demonstrates the gigantic general restorative focal point and societal cost store trusts joined with including alcohol ignition interlock devices as standard equipment in all new automobiles," said lead maker Patrick Carter from University of Michigan. 

    By benefitting by late mechanical degrees of progress that make alcohol distinguishing sensors reliable to the driver and applying such development more extensively to all as of late created vehicles, "we can truly have a significant mischief repugnance influence among generally hard to-attain to high-risk peoples," Carter included.


    Ford Figo Aspire

  • Bhargav

  • Ford Figo AspireThe Figo Aspire was examined as the Figo suspected that was indicated to us at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. It will correspondingly make a comparable thing for different markets, notwithstanding it is particularly for India that the auto has been kept sub-four meters to draw in the lawmaking body's lower concentrate responsibility jolt. 

    It is in a matter of seconds a collected yet quickly creating segment. Likewise, Ford Motor Co needs a touch of it. Portage's next thing is the Figo Aspire - an other subcompact vehicle to foe the raving achievement Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Honda Amaze - other than the Tata Zest & Hyundai Xcent. 

    The Figo Aspire will run with the 1.5-liter TDCi diesel and 1.2-liter TiVCT petrol motors. The auto will run with highlights like Sync with AppLink  and Emergency Assistance which we've seen in the EcoSport. It will be offered with exceptional surveying and its market way and certifiable begin of period will be around mid-year. 

    Right now the affiliation has beginning now started trial development of the Figo Aspire at its new plant in Sanand, Gujarat. The approach is that all current portfolio things will start from the current plant at Chennai, while all new things will take off of Sanand. 

    Portage has now copied its ability in India to 440,000 units also can make more than 600,000 motors here starting at this moment. It says it will bank of China and India to drive its progression in nearing years, in this manner things suited to these associations will be separating to that achievement. Passage will comparably concentrate on bringing some of its general nameplates to India - and isn't denoting the likelihood of the Focus line of cars driving in. 

    Ford Figo AspireBoth plants will trade pretty much a broad package of their time with new B and C stage autos being sent to business divisions as changed as South Africa, Europe and Latin America. Passage will dispatch 3 new autos through the going with 12-year and a half. Other than the Figo Aspire, we will get the new Figo hatchback and the excellent time of the Endeavor that has suitably conciliated mask South-East Asia. 

    Other than this it is comparatively considering a pioneer model like the Mustang, however that is not as enormous a need as the new plant and the volumes things. It will build up its merchant foot framed impression as well, and says that is disregarding all that it wearing down approaches to chop down the expense of proprietorship for its autos. It now needs to be fused amongst the top players the Indian announce, and is peering toward a more noteworthy marketshare too once the new things arrive.

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015


    Tata Nano 2015

  • Tuesday, March 24, 2015
  • Bhargav

  • Tata Nano will be the cheapest car of INDIA
    Tata Nano 2015In an offer to augment its bit of the general business in the Indian market,Tata Motorsis expecting to restore its whole model extension. The affiliation has definitively dispatched two all new things - Zest and Bolt - in India, and is at present overseeing unmistakable subordinates of its current things. Of every last one of things that the affiliation will dispatch not long from now, the Tata Nano AMT

    could be among the initial few ones. The vehicle was previous showcased at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo.

    The affiliation has beginning now started testing the AMT-organized Nano in India, as the vehicle has been seen several times. The vehicle will be made at the Sanand plant, where the Nano is being made. Filling the Nano Twist AMT will be the same 624cc MPFI reliably suctioned twin-chamber motor that powers the normal Nano. This motor is profitable for 37bhp and 51Nm. The mechanized manual transmission will be the same 5-rate unit that powers the Zest. 
    Tata Nano 2015
    Close by AMT, this model will in addition get new front and back watchmen, haze lights and grouped headlamps. The internal parts, notwithstanding, are at danger to stay unaltered. The affiliation will comparatively offer the Nano AMT in new shades. 

    Since, the vehicle will have a substitute transmission and to some degree changed outside, expect that it will be pricier by Rs. 40,000 than the general Nano Twist model. Besides, at that regard, it will change into the nation's most sensible modified auto.

    Monday, March 23, 2015


    Maruti Celerio Diesel Coming Soon

  • Monday, March 23, 2015
  • Bhargav

  • Maruti Celerio Diesel Coming this April

    Maruti Celerio DieselIt has been in the end that Maruti has been discovered endeavoring its Celerio Diesel on Indian paths. That said, this unavoidable Maruti's littlest diesel motor till date. Celerio is obliged to be pushed with a 800cc diesel engine, conflicting to its 998cc petrol as diesels are by and large of more prominent limits than their petrol associates. It is conjecture that this starting late made engine is self-governingly made by Maruti Suzuki India. 

    Maruti Celerio DieselAs known, Celerio AMT got a sudden achievement when it was induced as automatics commonly don't work out in this specific designation. Fuelled by this achievement Maruti is making a stage forward by getting this diesel mixture. How soon? Before long, may be one month from now. The test asses are being distinguished several times now in and around Haryana and it is said that this minor diesel is extraordinarily calm. Additionally, since it is a diesel, we imagine that it will be to an incredible degree skilled and the way that it is an insignificant 800cc that could make it record-breakingly fuel practical over the areas. 

    Other than this, the auto will stay, in light of current circumstances, same to the current one. Like the top spec diesel Celerio will get the same music structure with bluetooth compromise, darkness lights front and back, back wiper, and so forth. On the value viewpoint, it will more likely than not fall under 5 lacs and hence will be in a far-reaching way engaging.


    2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Coming Soon

  • Bhargav

  • 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
                The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander will show up at the impending held New York International Auto Show. The reveal will happen in The Mitsubishi stall on second April among much pomp. The new Outlander will be showing the new outline dialect that the brand will be taking after. 

    2016 Mitsubishi Outlander            The 2016 Outlander is a refined hybrid utility vehicle that gimmicks more than 100 designing and configuration enhancements including another, intense and dynamic appearance, upgraded street execution as the aftereffect of upgrades to clamor levels, ride, taking care of and throttle reaction, and a more expressive yet utilitarian inside space. The new 2016 Outlander shows the brand's replenished accentuation on style, refinement and general driving background. 
                No information about motors and execution capacities have been discharged by Mitsubishi starting yet. The current global offering model accompanies a 2.4 liter 4-barrel motor that delivers a most extreme force yield of 166bhp and 220Nm of crest torque. An alternate motor on offer is a greater 3.0 liter unit pumping out 224bhp of force and a crest torque of 290Nm. Anticipate that the motors will be re-tuned and increasing more quality, however both these units blaze petrol and are
    unrealistic to come to developing markets. Anyhow the skilled rally-spec all-wheel drive framework will unquestionably make it here. Desire is the 2.8 liter unit from the Pajero will be advancing in this new Outlander.