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Friday, December 17, 2010


Driving Is Easy To Learn

  • Friday, December 17, 2010
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • Hi Friends,
                     Here I will tell some easy ways to learn driving. Lets see some steps of it.....

    • In the initial stage of driving it is mandatary for us to have a minimum knowledge to handle steering i mean we should have a grip even on controlling a bike or even a cycle so that we can have a grip on steering,gears etc....
    • When we are in driving position we will have three pedals down namely:
    1. Clutch (which will be extreme left to the side and we should use only left leg to operate this clutch and we should not use the left leg for any other pedals).
    2. Break (which will be in the middle position and for this we should use right leg and not left leg why because we will see in further steps).
    3. Accelerator (which will be extreme right to the side and we will right leg only for this also why because we will see in further steps).
    • We should only left leg for "Clutch" and right leg for "Break,Accelerator" ,because while changing the gear we need to push the clutch to its extreme end and top change the gear also we need to push the clutch to its extreme end.
    • Coming to Break & Accelerator we need to use only right leg because when we apply break then simultaneously we need to apply clutch in order to make the engine relief.
    • This is about legs and coming to the hands
    • Initial stage will be starting of engine which will have three steps namely:
    1. Steering Lock. (which locks the steering control)
    2. Power Supply. (which gives the power supply to cd,dvd players,etc)
    3. Ignition. (which will be used before starting a engine).
    • So after this we will have to see about the Gears system (for some engines we will have 4gears and for some we will have 5gears it depends on the horsepower of the engine and capability of the engine). Now let us see how these gears are to be shifter according to the speed and use:
                           Gear                                                                   Recommended Speeds

    1.         1st - 2nd                                                                   10 km/hr.
    2.         2nd - 3rd                                                                   20 km/hr.
    3.         3rd - 4th                                                                    40 km/hr.
    4.         4th - 5th                                                                     50 km/hr.
    • In this way we should use gear speeds and while changing these gears also we should use clutch and then only we should change the gear.
    Engine Maintenance & Fuel Economy:
    • So after all this, While starting, don't crank the engine for more than 5seconds at a time, wait 10seconds before starting again. If the engine does not start after several attempts check the fuel and ignition systems.
    • Replace engine oil, coolant at recommended intervals.
    • Before starting the engine make sure the parking break is set fully and the transmission is in neutral.
    • Do not start the engine with out keeping the gear in neutral position.
    • Do not leave the ignition switch on if the engine is not running or the battery will discharge.
    • In cold conditions pull the choke nob fully and start the engine. Then continue the choke control untill the engine can pick up speed smoothly with the choke job fully returned.
    • Driving warn conditions press the accelerator pedal slightly and then turn on the ignition.
    • Always reduce the speed and shift the gear to lower gear before going down a long or a steepy hill.
    • Make sure that the vehicle is completely stopped before you shift into reverse gear.
    • Do not park the vehicle on gears.
    • Use the hand break whenever the vehicle has to be parked.
    • Do not use the clutch pedal as foot rest while driving or do not use the clutch to keep the vehicle stationed on a hill.
    • While changing gears or starting off do not raise the engine, this came shorten the engine life.
    Factors Effecting The Fuel Economy:

    • Frequently stopping and short distance travel consumes more fuel.
    • Driving at higher speeds consumes more fuel than driving at steady speed of 45 - 55 km/hr. in top gear.
    • Needless idling at traffic fuel consumption (Ex. 10min idling wastes 100cc of fuel).
    • Less tyre pressure increases fuel consumption.
    • Close air filter, worn out clutch badly tuned engine and high pollution levels increases fuel consumption.

    • Ensure that your driving license, all documents of the vehicle are with you.
    • Check the tyre pressure, radiator water, fuel and other oils.
    • Spare wheel, tool box, spare electrical fuses.
    • Do not open the radiator cap when engine is hot.

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