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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Learner's Licence

  • Thursday, February 17, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • A Learners Licence (LLR) is the licence to learn driving the specified class of motor vehicle before applying for permanent driving licence.

    How To Apply? [ Rule4 of CMV Rules ]
    An application for LLR shall be made in Form2 accompanied by Form1 along with three passport size photos and copies of proof of age and address, also proof of age and address, also proof of citizenship in case of foreigners.

    Fee & User Charge:
    For one class of vehicle Rs.60/- + 30/-
    For two class of vehicle Rs.90/- + 30/-

    Categories of Vehicles: [ Rule10 of CMV Rules ]
    The applicant can apply for one or more of the following classes of motor vehicles.
    • Motor Cycle With Gear.
    • Motor Cycle Without Gear.
    • Invalid Carriages.
    • Light Motor Vehicles.
    • Road Roller,
    Learners Licence Test: [ Rule11 of CMV Rules ]
    The applicant should appear in person for test on computer. The computer will put 20 multiple choice questions to the candidate. He should answer atleast 16 correctly to pass the test. LLR is issued to the passed candidate on the spot. It is valid for 6months
    If failed in the Test! : A retest can be taken by paying a fee of Rs.30/- after three days.

    Traffic signs, Traffic signals, Duties of driver when vehicle is involved in accident, precautions to be taken while crossing unmanned of railway crossing, etc.

    Exemption from LLR Test: [ Rule11(2) of CMV Rules ]
    Preliminary test for obtaining LLR is not recquires to the following applicants
    • Holder of a valid Driving Licence or an expired licence or not more than five years after expiry.
    • holder of a learner licence.
    While Learning [ Rule3 of CMV Rules ]
    • One should carry the learners licence.
    • One should be accompanied by instructor, who has a valid driving licence.
    • 'L' board in red color should be displayed in the front as well as on the rear of the vehicle.

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