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Friday, July 29, 2011


Auto Transmission system

  • Friday, July 29, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • In this system we will not have a clutch pedal, It is included in the gear rod itself what we need to do is just we need to press the switch and select our auto transmission mode thats it...
    The following words indicate the modes of selecting gear
    2-Drive 2 (drive speed increases if we choose this)
    L-Load (use this when we are driving in streap hills or when we are having extra load)
    When we are about to start the engine we need to press the break and keeping the gear in D position and then we should start the vehicle. When we remove our leg on the break the vehicle will get into motion. If u go on increasing the speed with accelerator the auto transmission selects the gear automatically according to the range of the speed. We should not increase the suddenly or decrease the speed suddenly because it may lead to decrease in the millage and even gear may no change soon... Compared to the manual transmission system we will have only two pedals Break and Accelerator here right leg will be moving and left leg will be set relaxed. Compared to manual transmission this will have less millage.

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