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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Pedal System

  • Saturday, July 30, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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    • In the initial stage of driving it is mandatary for us to have a minimum knowledge to handle steering i mean we should have a grip even on controlling a bike or even a cycle so that we can have a grip on steering,gears etc....
    • The first image shows the Auto Transmission pedal system & The second image shows the Manual Transmission pedal system.
    • Let us see for Manual Transmission pedal system as shown in second image.
    • When we are in driving position we will have three pedals down namely:
    • We should only left leg for "Clutch" and right leg for "Break,Accelerator" ,because while changing the gear we need to push the clutch to its extreme end and top change the gear also we need to push the clutch to its extreme end.
    • Coming to Break & Accelerator we need to use only right leg because when we apply break then simultaneously we need to apply clutch in order to make the engine relief.
    • Coming to the Auto Transmission pedal system as shown in first image
    • In this system we will not have a clutch pedal, It is included in the gear rod itself what we need to do is just we need to press the switch and select our auto transmission mode thats it...
    • When we are about to start the engine we need to press the break and keeping the gear in D position and then we should start the vehicle.
    • When we remove our leg on the break the vehicle will get into motion. If you go on increasing the speed with accelerator the auto transmission selects the gear automatically according to the range of the speed.
    • We should not increase the suddenly or decrease the speed suddenly because it may lead to decrease in the millage and even gear may no change soon... 
    • Compared to the manual transmission system we will have only two pedals Break and Accelerator here right leg will be moving and left leg will be set relaxed.
    • Compared to manual transmission this will have less millage.
      1. Clutch (which will be extreme left to the side and we should use only left leg to operate this clutch and we should not use the left leg for any other pedals).
      2. Break (which will be in the middle position and for this we should use right leg and not left leg why because we will see in further steps).
      3. Accelerator (which will be extreme right to the side and we will right leg only for this also why because we will see in further steps).

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