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Sunday, September 18, 2011



  • Sunday, September 18, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • In INDIA over 3 lakhs of accidents are happening over which 80,000 of people are dying and over 3.5 lakhs of people are becoming physically handicapped. We are familiar with the indian former cricketer azahrudhin lost his son in a road accident which was happened in hyderabad outer ring road made a black day in the history of azahrudhin, Because of these road accidents so many people are loosing their lives, their poverty and because of these accidents the family members are becoming hopeless. Because of these accidents our indian financial system is being affected by nearly 5,000crores. When compared to other accidents road accidents are more. For every minute one accident is happening and for every 8minutes one person is loosing his/her life. So if we think about whats the main reason behind these accidents is because of driver's neglegency 75%, because of foot walkers 4.7%, because of vehicle's condition 2.6%, because of climate 0.7%, because of other problems 14.4% is the status. So how to prevent these accidents??? So when we think like this we need to have patiency, timing, and we should strictly follow the traffic rules...

    Safety measurements for those who walk on road:-

    1. Always walk on foot paths only.
    2. We should cross the road on zebra crossings only.
    3. If the Zebra crossings are not available we should stop at the end of the road,see in all directions and then cross over.
    4. We should not cross in the blind turnings.
    5. When we step out of the bus we should see whether there are any vehicles passing.
    6. Don't use roads as play grounds, and dont make them lead to traffic jam or accident.

    Rules to be followed by the drivers:-

    1. To reach the destination safely, we should not drive over speed or drive rashly.
    2. When we are overtaking----We should not overtake in the turnings or in the hilly areas because we may not be able to see the vehicles which are coming.---We should not follow the vehicle which is overtaking which may lead to accidents.---We should not overtake in the caves or fog or when its dark inorder to prevent accidents.
    3. We should not drink while we are driving.
    4. Using of mobiles while driving, talking to the passengers is strictly prohibited.
    5. We should drive slow in the highways.
    6. The persons sitting in front should have their seat belts.
    7. We should check out whether the vehicle is in good condition or not.
    8. When we are traveling for long distances taking rest will be fine.
    9. When we are driving in night times we should use the dippers reguarly, use signal lights, if we wanna park in the night time ,we should put on the parking lights.
    10. When we are going to overtake in the narrow bridges see whether we can overtake clearly or not.
    11. When we are near to the junction we need to check whether any vehicles are crossing and then pass.
    12. When we are turning left or right we should use the indicators.
    13. Without giving indications or any signal we should not stop the vehicle suddenly.
    14. When we are crossing through the railway gate which has no gaurd confirm that the train is not in the way and then proceed.
    15. When we are crossing through the bridge through which water is foating, we should proceed only after the floating is low.
    16. The motor cyclists should use helmets.
    17. School bus drivers should be very cautious while they are driving, we should not overcome more than 6members in an auto, we should not overcome more than the capacity. parents also should take certain precautions.
    18. We should not carry  passengers more than the permit.

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