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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Smart Ways

  • Sunday, October 23, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • Smart Ways To Save Money :-

    • Maintain recmonended tyre pressure (check once in a month).
    • Avoid idling at red lights. Switch off engine if the stop time is for longer period.
    • Shift to 5th gear as soon as possible. Typical speed for gear shifting with AC off are:
    1. 1st  to 2nd --- 1o kms/hr.
    2. 2nd to 3rd --- 20-25 kms/hr.
    3. 3rd to 4th --- 30-35 kms/hr.
    4. 4th to 5th --- 40-45 kms/hr.
    • Drive at steady speeds between 50-60 kmph.
    • While breaking, coast down to a lower speed in gear with your foot off the accelerator, and then shift the gear to neutral.
    • With A/C on, after cabin temperature comes down, reduce blower speed to the 2nd level.
    • When accelerating gradually, instead of flooring the peal in the same gear.
    • Drive smoothly, Avoid sudden breaking and acceleration.
    • Your car's fuel efficiency improves after the run-in-period. It stabilizes after 3000kms.
    • Keep air filter clean.
    • Remove foot from Clutch pedal after changing gears.
    • Best way to calculate car's mileage is by following the full tank to full tank method.
    1. Fill the tank full.
    2. run the car till the tank is 1/4th of its full capacity.
    3. Fill the tank full again in the same fuel filling station. Probably with the same fuel dispenser.
    4. Divides kms run/fuel filled.
    • Data sheet for calculating fuel average mileage calculation (Full Tank to Full Tank Method).
                   Sl.no----Date----kms travelled-A-in kms----Fuel Refilled-B-in lfs----Mileage=A/B

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