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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Maruti Versa

  • Thursday, December 29, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  •  Maruti Versa is mainly targeted for large families as it can accommodate more than five people. The interiors of the car are quite impressive and exude a lot of style. The windows of the car can be operated through a remote control, system. This system is present besides the driver’s seat. This car is marketed as a multi purpose vehicle. Maruti Versa is not only functional but it is luxurious as well. The headlamps of the car are made up of halogen which gives a unique look to the car. The seats of the car can be arranged in accordance to your preference as they can be pushed to the front and back with ease. If you do not want to use a particular seat that it can be folded and it will look as a bench. This bench can be used a as an additional storage space. The seats are built in such a fashion so that it can provide maximum safety to the driver. There is also a child lock feature available in Maruti Versa. The back door of the car is equipped with child lock system and since the windows can be controlled with the remote control system, it becomes easier to deal with the kids while you are traveling in this car.

    Maruti Versa is known as the family car as it is designed to fulfill the purposes of a family while they travel and additional features are included to meet the special requirement of children on board. The starting price of Maruti Versa starts with four lakh rupees and depending on the model you have chosen the price will tend to vary. A Maruti Versa equipped with AC can be purchased within five lakh rupees. Maruti Versa is a very good option when it comes to multi purpose vehicles because at this price range it is very affordable and many families are opting for this car.

    Since Maruti Versa runs on diesel, it is not only cost effective but it is good for the environment too. Maruti Versa engine is designed to provide longevity to the car and at the same time, it can start functioning immediately despite any sort of climatic conditions. So even if you are a resident of a chilly area, then you do not need to worry about the functionality of the engine. Another plus point of Maruti Versa is that the moment you close the windows of the car, then you will not get to hear any of the sounds that prevails outside, as this car has dampers which absorbs all the sound. So you can be assured of a comfortable journey with Maruti Versa as you do not have think twice about the safety of your child during traveling and even in extreme cold or hot conditions, this car can function perfectly. Be it the overall look of the car, its engine, interiors, Maruti Versa excels as a family car and it will be a wise step to invest in this automobile.

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