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Wednesday, December 28, 2011



  • Wednesday, December 28, 2011
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  •  In the European market, Maruti Ritz is identified as Suzuki Splash. It is may be the most awaited car and hyped car. Maruti Ritz has an astounding and an alluring design texture with few of the latest technical features. Maruti Ritz has a tasteful appearance and also few of the elevated features that provides excellent performance. The excellent cut is this vehicle is quiet economical to run on roads. If we discuss about the engine of this vehicle, it is attainable in both petrol and diesel version. The petrol edition of Maruti Ritz is outfitted with 1197cc, 1.2 liter with K-12 series engine. The diesel edition of Maruti Ritz is outfitted with 1248cc, 1.3L with five manual transmission gear box that provides excellent mileage and acceleration to the vehicle. In addition to this, Maruti Ritz also offers with a collar of 113nm at 4500nm and an utmost competence of 85 PS at 6000 mm.

    Maruti Ritz is outfitted with extraordinary interiors and stylish exteriors. We can state, this vehicle have a unique exteriors with an excellent style which provides belligerent appearance. Maruti Ritz is persuading in just one look, or in other words this vehicle is quite appealing and attractive. A luminous vision is provided by an excellent round headlight and by the backfire tail lights. Yet in a prolonged journey, Maruti Ritz enacts you more complacent with its spacious interiors.  The good part is this vehicle is tightened with many security facilities like brake assist, power steering, power windows, air bags and even tilt steering.

    The handling and breaking system of Maruti Ritz is also quiet lively as it proffers safe drive to all the occupants. You can simply take this vehicle for a long drive. In case of sudden wonders in the road, Maruti Ritz has the ventilated disc brakes, and drum brakes and rear brakes which proffer a safe journey. In de accelerating the vehicle, particularly when the vehicle is running in high speed, the dynamic braking system of this vehicle is quiet beneficial. Maruti Ritz also has a special braking program which halts wheel lock up in case of unexpected braking.  The suspension of this car provides an excellent driving comfort too.

    When consulted from all those individuals who possess this vehicle, people trust that the legroom of this automobile is quiet fine. Exteriors and interiors are well furnished and neat, the driving control is really excellent as if it experiences like, and they are running a big car. The good part is that the gear shift is very much sooth and front end of Maruti Ritz looks solid.

    With an excellent engineered suspension and stiff chassis, the car jumps on Indian roads with confidence. The company has softened and raised the suspension on this car more than on other cars, which alters into excelling comfort, even on poor roads. Whereas the softer car does not experience as ardent to drive as the Swift, it is associates better than Maruti´s other product, the Wagon R. Maruti Ritz is manufactured to attract more as a family automobile.

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