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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Petrol Blends

  • Wednesday, February 8, 2012
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • Petrol / Ethanol Blends :-

    Blends of unleaded petrol and ethanol (grain alcohol), also known as gasohol, are commercially available in some areas.
    Blends of this type may be used in your vehicle if they are no more than 5% ethanol. Make sure this petrol-ethanol blend
    has octane ratings no lower than those recommended for petrol

    Petrol / Methanol Blends :-

    Blends of unleaded petrol and methanol (wood alcohol) are also commercially available in some areas. DO NOT USE fuels
    containing more than 5% methanol under any circumstances. Fuel system damage of vehicle performance problems resulting from
    the use of such fuels are not the responsibility of the company and may not be covered under warranty.

    Fuels containing 5% or less methanol may be suitable for use in your vehicle if the contain cosolvents and corrosion inibitors.

    Note :

    If you are not satisfied with the driveability or fuel economy of your vehicle when you are using a petrol/alcohol blend, you
    should switch back to unleaded petrol containing no alcohol.

    Caution :-

    Be careful not to spill fuel containing alcohol while refuelling. Fuels containing alcohol can cause paint damage, which is not
    covered under warranty.

    The fuel tank has an air space to allow for fuel expansion in hot weather. If you continue to add fuel automatically shut off or an initial
    blowback occurs, the air chamber will become full. Exposure to heat when fully fuelled in this manner will result in leakage due to fuel
    expansion. To prevent such fuel leakage, stop filling after the filter nozzle has automatically shut off, or when using an alternative
    nown automatic system, intial vent blowback occurs.

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