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Thursday, January 8, 2015


How to secure your car in the USA

  • Thursday, January 8, 2015
  • Bhargav
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  • Car theft is rampant in the US, where a car is stolen on average every 20 seconds and thefts from motor vehicles run into tens of millions. If you’re driving anything other than a worthless heap you should have comprehensive insurance, which includes cover for theft.

    It’s wise to have your car fitted with an alarm, immobiliser (system interrupter) or other anti-theft device, plus a visible deterrent, such as a steering or transmission shift lock (many new cars are fitted with door dead locks and sophisticated alarm systems as standard equipment). This is important if you own a car that’s desirable to car thieves, which includes most new sports and luxury models, often stolen by professional crooks to order.

    A good security system won’t prevent someone breaking into your car (which usually takes most crooks a matter of seconds) or even prevent your car being stolen, but it at least makes it more difficult and may persuade a thief to look for an easier target.

    Radios, tape and CD players attract a lot of (the wrong) attention in most cities (e.g. New York), particularly in expensive foreign cars. Often drivers put a sign in their car windows proclaiming ‘No Radio’ (or ‘No Valuables’, ‘Trunk is Empty’ and ‘Doors Open’), to deter thieves from breaking in to steal them.

    If you buy an expensive stereo system, get one with a removable unit or with a removable control panel (which you can pop in a pocket). However, never forget to remove it, even when stopping for a few minutes. Cover an empty slot with a dummy cover, so that it appears that no radio was installed; otherwise a crook may break in and look for the removed unit.

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